Huwebes, Hunyo 23, 2011


Lucio Tan Group of Companies now owns several industries that includes liquor (Tanduay Holdings, Inc. and Asia Brewery), tobacco (Fortune Tobacco), aviation (Philippine Airlines), banking (Allied Bank and Philippine National Bank), real estate (Eton Properties Philippines), and education (Univerity of the East).

Edgar J. Sia II is the man responsible for Mang Inasal's inspiring success and has transformed this unassuming entrepreneur into the poster boy of modern Ilonggo cuisine.

Ben Chan—owner of the Pinoy apparel brand na Bench

Alfredo M. Yao founded the privately-held company Zest-O Corporation. His other businesses include Semexco Marketing, Inc., Harman Foods, Amchem Marketing, Inc., American Brands Philippines, Inc., SMI Development Corporation, Philippine Business Bank and Zest Airways.

Jon Ramon Aboitiz, is a Filipino businessman, and the president of the Aboitiz & Co., and Aboitiz Equity Ventures Inc., part of the Aboitiz Group. Aboitiz descends from a Spanish family in Cebu, with ancestry tracing back to the Basque Country in northern Spain.